Firefox vs. chrome performance comparison
What metrics? Almost every page loading benchmark I've seen are based on the time when 'onload' event fires. That cannot reflect user's perception on browser speed and will give misleading result when used to compare different browsers -- different browser fires that event on different phase of the page loading (IIRC, chrome cheats by doing that before layout[1], firefox does that after layout but before rendering), so that's not comparing apple-to-apple.

Firefox (Gecko)は、レイアウトが完了した後だけど、WebKit (SafariやChrome) は、レイアウトが完了しなくてもコンテンツの解析が終って、初期のレイアウトが完了すれば (最終的なレイアウトが完了してなくても)、onloadイベントが発生するらしい。へぇー。

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