Dougとか一部のモバイルメンバで作り始め、一旦止めてたんだけど、Ted (ビルドスクリプト系のモジュールオーナー) がrebaseして、動くようにしたらしいiOS用の例のヤツ、最近まじめにmozilla-centralにコードを入れ始めてるんだけど、IRCで今日ネタになってた。

17:17 (glandium) actually, ted is refreshing and landing his iOS patches. once something gets running, going further or not will be decided
17:21 (vicarious) Mozilla should try to release firefox for ios. If Apple rejects it then that's on them, they'll have to face public scrutiny on that count.
17:27 (glandium) gcp: not necessarily, a lot of people are running jailbroken iOSes, and providing an awesome Firefox could be an invitation for more people doing so
17:28 (vicarious) glandium: yes, that too...good point!


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